Hexavalent chromium leather
Determination Chromium VI (hexavalent) Leather

Chromium VI is classified by the IARC as carcinogenic class I
The laboratory is able to carry out the determination of hexavalent chromium (chromium VI) in leathers other textile material, according to the UNI EN ISO 17075.

From 1st May 2015 Hexavalent chromium is the subject of a new restriction introduced in Annex XVII of Regulation EC N.1907 / 2006 (REACH) for leather goods and their parts by Regulation (EU) 301/2014.

The limit for leather articles that come in contact with the skin is 3 mg / kg (0,0003% by weight) for the Cromo VI the total dry weight of the leather.

EN ISO 17075 is the only analytical method currently available and internationally recognized to detect Chromium VI in leather.