ECHA: Updating the candidate list

Three substances have been added to the candidate list two because of their reproductive toxicity and one because it is an endocrine disruptor. and the SVHC list contains 209 substances.

Starting in January 2021, companies will also have to notify products containing SVHC to ECHA's next SCIP database about the problematic substances contained in articles and products. The database aims to ensure transparent information on articles containing hazardous chemicals throughout the life cycle.

The aim is to gradually eliminate these substances and ensure their safe use and be transparent to consumers who have the right to know where these chemicals are used. Replacing them with safer alternatives can foster innovation and create a more sustainable circular economy.

The substances added to the list are:

  • 1-vinylimidazole 214-012-0 1072-63-5: toxic for reproduction, present in the formulation of a monomer and in the production of polymers
  • 2-methylimidazole 211-765-7 693-98-1: toxic for reproduction, as a catalyst in the production of coating products
  • Dibutylbis (pentane-2,4-dionate-O, O ') tin 245-152-0 22673-19-4: toxic for reproduction, as a catalyst and as an additive in the production of plastic materials
  • Butyl 4-hydroxybenzoate (Butylparaben) 202-318-7 94-26-8: endocrine disruptor, cosmetics, personal care products and pharmaceutical products

For more information visit the ECHA website.

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