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Toxicological test

CEPRA proposes TOXICOLOGICAL TEST according to GLP (Good Lab Practice) as required by REACH Regulation 1907/2006 or by GHS

Thanks to a national and international labs, CEPRA support the company to choose best testing strategy, the best lab and to evaluate results of studies


  • Skin Corrosion in vitro OECD 431
  • Skin irritation in vitro OECD 404
  • Eye corrosion / irritation OECD 492 OECD 405
  • Skin Sensitisation OECD 406
  • Ames test OECD 471
  • Acute oral toxicity OECD 423
  • Acute dermal toxicity OECD 402
  • Acute inhalation OECD 403
  • Repeated toxicity OECD 407