Safety Assessment - PIF

According to Regulation 1223/2009 the responsible person shall, prior to placing a cosmetic product on the market, ensure that the cosmetic product has undergone a safety assessment

This is for cosmetics produced in Europe and for cosmetics imported from extra EU origin.

The Security Assessment and PIF, which must then be kept updated and available for the authorities by the Responsible Person, is based on

  • Product formula
  • Component toxicological profile
  • Exposure assessment
  • Calculation of MoS (Margin of Safety)
  • Description of product properties
  • Stability and expiration date or PaO
  • Packaging Compatibility
  • Evaluation of the microbiological safety and effectiveness of the preservative system


CEPRA srl, thanks to a specialized team, offers services of

  • PIF preparation
  • Safety Assessment of Cosmetic Products according Regulation Ce 1223/2009
  • Safety pre-assessment to (R&D)
  • Toxicological profiles of ingredients and raw materials
  • Safety Data Sheets
  • INCI rating

It also provides security assessments in accordance with the regulations of other Extra EU markets