We offer consultancy services to obtain environmental product labels according to UNI EN ISO 14021: 2016 (Type II environmental labeling), UNI EN ISO 14025: 2010 (Type III environmental declarations) UNI EN ISO 14024: 2001 (Type I environmental labeling)

The ISO standards of the ISO 14020 series provide for 3 types of environmental labels:

- Type I environmental labels - UNI EN ISO 14024

Are voluntary labels. They are based on a multicriteria system that is focus on entire lifecycle of the product. They’re must be certified by a third part.


  • Ecolabel Eu is the EU’s environmental quality mark, it marks product and services that put high performance standard and low environmental impact together.
  • Eolabel UE has the characteristics of the type I voluntary mark (ISO 14024)
  • Ecolabel’s criteria are defined at European level with the participation of a lot interested parties, including producers, consumer and environmental associations
  • Cepra offers a customer support service in all phases of the ECOLABEL application submission process

- Type II environmental labels - UNI EN ISO 14021

They are environmental claims based on the company's environmental self-declarations for their products. They are often placed (through claims, logos, etc.) on the product and / or on their packaging. They are not limited to labeling, therefore environmental statements disclosed through advertising, publications, website

They do not require third party certification, but can be obtained to give greater reliability to the market.

- Type II environmental labels - UNI EN ISO 14021

They are based on standardized LCA (life cycle assessment) product analysis, the results of which must be presented in a form that facilitates the comparison between products through the standardization of some parameters.
These include the Environmental Product Declarations (DAP).