The Global Recycle Standard GRS is a product standard, voluntary and certified by a third-party institution.
The GRS issues an environmental declaration that ensures the content of recycling materials, the traceability of raw materials along the entire production cycle, their sustainability as well as restrictions in the use of chemical products potentially impacting on health and for the 'environment.
However, the collection of waste, nor all the operations deriving from it (selection and grouping), are not included in the certification.
GRS guarantees:

  • products containing at least 20% pre-consumer and post-consumer recycled material;
  • manufacturing activities and processes (through which the recycled material is used to make intermediate products, for example: yarns and fabrics or finished products for the consumer), use models and management procedures that comply with the established requirements.


  • Verification of requirements
  • Audit (in person or remotely) to determine the starting point on the basis of a check list based on what the certification specification requires
  • Activity scheduling
  • Support in the certification process
  • Maintenance of the certification