REACH waste and recovered substances

REACH Regulation requires to submit a registration at the European Agency (ECHA) of chemicals, mixtures and articles, to do a risks assessment and to get an authorization to use very dangerous substances.

Wastes are out of the scope of REACH until the waste, after a recovery process, stops being a waste and starts to be a recovered substance. According to REACH, the recovery process of chemicals is considered a manufacturing process and it is subjected to all the duties resulting.

The main sectors in which there is the necessity of managing REACH's duties for chemicals and recovered materials are:

  • Recovered paper,
  • Recovered glass,
  • Recovered metals,
  • Recovered aggregates,
  • Recovered polymers,
  • Recovered rubber,
  • Recovered base oils,
  • Recovered solvent.

The difficulty of interpretation of criteria expected from REACH may limit the recovery process and the admission on market of recovery materials.

Cepra offers personalized services in order to support companies which operate in recovery sector to comply with the duties resulting from REACH Regulation.

Main services are:

  • REACH compliance evaluation of the recovered substance
  • Registration of recovered substances
  • Identification and definition of recovered material's composition
  • Analitycal determination of recovered substance's constituents and impurities
  • Definition of danger profile of the substance
  • Production of safety data sheets and exposure scenarios for recovered substances