Chemicals Compliance

CEPRA srl performs analytical services for the chemical industry with the aim of determining traces, identifying composition, characterizing substances, verifying the level of impurities and chemical contaminants.

Our range of services includes simple and sophisticated analysis for different types of matrices, such as:

  • Substances
  • Substances in mixtures
  • Substances in articles

The analyzes are performed for the evaluation of conformity and quality of:

  • raw materials
  • finished products
  • processes
  • packaging

The Laboratory performs:

  • Spectral analysis and tests to identify and / or characterize substances for REACH sameness testing
  • Test for physical - chemical properties
  • Stability Test
  • Test for SDS
  • Test to classify substance / mixture in accordance with CLP / ADR / GHS
  • Identification and quantification of SVHC in articles
  • Testing and analysis for cosmetics (preservatives, heavy metals, allergens, flavors, colorants, phthalates, additives, formaldehyde)
  • Quality control of raw material and finished product
  • Checks compliance specifications (quali and quantitative analysis)
  • Search for pollutants / substances prohibited
  • Release/Migration test

Thanks to our network of laboratories we can perform toxicological and ecotoxicological tests according to BPL