Stability studies guarantee that the product abides by all the quality standards when preserved in suitable conditions.

temperature, humidity and light exposure are factors that help to foresee its stability and life, as well as the compatibility of its formulation with the materials with which it will come into contact.

Our laboratories perform a complete series of customized test to meet customers’ needs.

Stability tests are based on international Guidelines and verify that the product does not undergo unacceptable changes during its life:

  • organoleptic and sensory properties: appearance, colour, odour and taste
  • chemical and physical properties: pH, viscosity, density and ingredients, if required
  • microbiological properties: microbial count and challenge test
  • monitoring of active substances: UV filters, antioxidants, antimicrobials, etc.
  • screening of aromatic substances to determine changes in quality and quantity
  • Period After Opening (PAO) - simulation of product’s life
  • thermal shock through protocols that envisage alternate cycles at different temperatures
  • Photostability of UV chemical filters