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  • Surface degradation assessments: surveys and technical reports, including maps and photographs, which will show the overall state of conservation of roofing in eternity and the risk to the population in proximity to it on the basis of the indications provided by DM 6/9/94 and the Guidelines of the Emilia-Romagna Region.
  • Sampling of materials suspected of containing asbestos should be subjected to qualitative analyzes to ascertain the presence or absence of the asbestos.
  • Indoor and outdoor air sampling for the search for any aerodynamic asbestos fibers

All sampling is carried out by our specialized technical staff.

Asbestos investigations and analyzes are carried out in accordance with the provisions of DM 6 September 1994 "Regulations and technical methodologies for the application of art. 6, c. 3, and Art. 12, c. 2, of the Law of 27 March 1992, no. 257, concerning the cessation of asbestos use "and" Guidelines for the assessment of the conservation status of cement-asbestos roofing and risk assessment "issued by the Emilia-Romagna Region.

The analyzes will be conducted at a facility suitable for the qualification program (D.M. 14.5 / 96, Section 5) of the Ministry of Health of Asbestos Analysis Laboratories in Italy.