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Workers Exposure

Specialized technical staff performs sampling for workplace monitoring for risk assessment due to chemicals, carcinogens biological workers exposure.

Measures are performed according to official international methods or standard methods.

We use are the most suitable techniques to the type of pollutant to be taken, such as:

  • adsorbent tubes
  • diffusive samplers
  • filters
  • aqueous solutions of bubbling
  • SAS plates

The sampling strategy is agreed with the client making a careful analysis of the products used and the production cycle.

Reports contain all the conditions relating to how sampling was carried out, thus ensuring reproducibility and traceability, as required by law.

Specialized technical personnel perform in-field measurements for evaluations of

  • microclimate
  • lighting and ergonomics

We make in-field measures for the evaluation of physical agents.

The technical reports are signed by Professional Chemists registered and therefore have legal validity.