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Chemical and cancirogenic risk assessment

CEPRA srl provides consulting services in order to

  • To evaluate the exposure of workers to chemical agents and carcinogens,
  • To define the risk of the activities carried out
  • Support your organization to find the most appropriate adaptation and improvement solutions.

The services that CEPRA srl proposes to affine the company in compliance with D.lgs 81/08

  • Risk assessments resulting from the presence of hazardous chemical agents with in-depth examination of the activity and compliance of the safety data sheets.
  • Preparation of the Chemical and Carcinogenic Risk Assessment Document.
  • Exposure scenarios (e-sds).
  • Forecast estimates for new activities.
  • Verify compliance with the requirements required by current regulations and schedule any adjustments or improvements.
  • Drafting of chemical and carcinogenic monitoring plans aimed at evaluating worker exposure and checking compliance with limit values.
  • Assistance to the keeping of carcinogen exposure registers.
  • Consulting services are supported by SAMPLING and CHEMICAL ANALYSIS.

The theme of the REACH and CLP Regulations on the Chemical and Carcinogenic Risk Assessment under Legislative Decree 81/08 was addressed by the Ministry of Labor through the 9th Committee of the Standing Advisory Committee on Health and Safety at Work.