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Occupational Health

For occupational safety is meant the set of preventive and protective actions to be taken to make workplaces healthy and safe, so as to avoid or minimize the exposure of workers to the risks associated with working, eliminating or Effectively reducing the risk of accidents / accidents and the risk of contracting a professional illness.

Health and safety at work are regulated in Italy by D.lg81 / 08, also known as the Single Occupational Safety and Health Act (Legislative Decree no. 81 of April 9, 2008, entered into force on May 15, 2008)

CEPRA srl is specialized in the management and realization of small and medium-sized companies, craftsmen and professionals in the specific field of occupational safety.

The services of CEPRA srl

  • Consultancy on regulatory compliance with job safety d.LGS 81/08
  • Editing DVR (Risk Assessment Document) for the Health and Safety of Workers
  • Consulting and editing of the Chemical and Cancer Risk Assessment
  • Development of emergency plans
  • Scheduling any adjustments or improvements
  • External RSPP assignment
  • Outsourcing security management assumptions
  • Security Management in DUVRI Contracts and Prepare for Interference Hazards
  • Measurements, risk assessments and consequential requirements related to:


  • noise
  • vibration
  • Electromagnetic fields (CEM)
  • Artificial Optical Radiation (ROA)
  • Natural optical radiation and solar radiation
  • microclimate
  • illuminance


  • Chemical agents and carcinogens
  • asbestos
  • Wood powders, crystalline silica, formaldehyde, benzene, ...


  • Manual load handling (NIOSH index)
  • Tow and push (SNOOK and CIRIELLO methodology)
  • Repeated movements (check-list or OCRA method)
  • Incongruous postures
  • Manual Handling Patients (MAPI Index)


  • Work-related stress


  • Biological agents (including legionella)
  • radon
  • VDT


Other service and consulting services:

  • Preparation of billboards and signage of the company
  • Identification of PPE and worker training on proper use (in particular for third-party degradation and DPI)
  • Preparation of emergency plans, organization and simulation of emergency and evacuation tests
  • Work Notifications to be submitted to the Occupational Health Service in case of start-ups, renovations and extensions of work activities, in collaboration with design technicians
  • Audit compliance audit
  • Consultancy and assistance in case of inspection visits
  • Adopted by ADR in the field of dangerous goods transport
  • Prepositions and compilation registers exposed to carcinogens
  • Risk management for particular categories of workers and sensitive persons (mothers, minors, foreign workers, gender and age differences, atypical contracts, alcohol and narcotics)