Chemistry for health and environment

CEPRA srl (Bologna - Italy - since 1979) is a consulting company and a chemical analysis laboratory.

CEPRA srl provides services in order to assess and monitor the effects on health and the environment caused by exposure to chemicals during all phases of chemical products' cycle life (manufacturing, use, marketing, waste disposal).

CEPRA srl assists your organizzation to ensure effective comply with regulatory and safety requirements, risk management, and product quality.

The company provides anlytical services, sampling of chemical pollutants, measures of chemical-physical data, consultancy, problem solving and training on the main regulations on environment, workplace safety, raw materials compliance and products security.

CEPRA srl offers qualified assistance to manufacturers, importers and downstream users of chemicals and products, basing its competence on the professionality of the staff composed of chemists graduates and specialized technicians.

CEPRA srl operates in a quality management system certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.