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Sampling and Monitoring

CEPRA SRL specialized technical personnel perform sampling of:

  • waste water
  • drinking water
  • ground water from wells
  • trash
  • soils
  • industrial emission
  • workplace enviroment
  • materials containing asbestos

Sampling is performed according to official methods or standards internationally accepted.

All stages of sampling, from picking to delivery to the laboratory and at the beginning of the analysis, are traced and documented.

All technical reports describes sampling conditions, in order to ensure reproducibility and traceability.

CEPRA technician carry out sampling in the field using portable instrumentation, both in the case of emissions into the atmosphere (flow measurements, temperature, nitrogen oxides or sulfur, TOC), both in the case of outdoor, indoor and work (microclimate, illuminance , noise, electromagnetic fields).

All equipment used is regularly kept and calibrated in efficiency and activities of sampling and measurement are managed according to a system of quality management certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008