CEPRA srl provides qualified regulatory and cosmetic safety assessment services to international companies who intend to import cosmetics into Italy and Europe.

The European Regulation 1223/2009 identifies a variety of requirements: the Responsible Person, the implementation of cosmetic dossier (Product Information File , Cosmetic Product Safety Report , Cosmetic Product Safety Information, Cosmetic Product Safety Assessment), the European notification to CPNP and the application of Good Manufacturing Practice according to ISO 22716:2008.

CEPRA srl services

  • Responsible Person
    • The RP is responsible to ensure that all the obligations related to product conformity have been carried out prior to put product into the European Market and then to act as the Cosmeticovigilance contact point in Europe towards the Cosmetic Product he is responsible for.
  • PIF ( product Information file ) - Dossier
  • Cosmetic Safety Report
  • Safety Assessment
  • Formulation check
  • Labelling
  • MSDS
  • Standards of good manufacturing practice (GMP) ISO 22716:2008
  • Centralized notification in electronic format for the placing on the market - CPNP - Cosmetic Product Notification Portal
  • Claims substantation
  • Cosmeto-vigilance
  • INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetics Ingredients)
  • Consulting for import / export - compliance testing product
  • Identification and management of nanomaterials (with separate notification)
  • Technical - commercial for advertising claims
  • Technical consultancy for goods stuck in customs
  • Import / Export
  • Supplier's quality check and control