The Minimum Environmental Criteria (CAM) are requirements aimed at identifying the best solution, product or service from an environmental point of view.

CAM are periodically issued by the Italian Ministry of the Environment with specific Ministerial Decrees for the various product categories of works, services and supplies.

To date, CAM have been adopted for 17 categories of supplies and assignments.

This means that more and more companies have to comply with these criteria by demonstrating their compliance both in terms of services and products.


Cepra follows the customer throughout the process of verifying the requirements, starting from the relationship with suppliers, passing through the study of the product to the production process, so as to be able to ensure compliance with the CAM.

Conformity assessment strategy
- Analysis of the organization to understand the state of the art with comply with obligations required by the minimum environmental criteria.
- Development of a management system that certifies compliance with the requirements (for instance, Remade in Italy for construction CAM; ECOLABEL ...) or that can be among the awarding criteria in tendering procedure (UNI EN ISO 14001).
- Through the support and continuous availability, Cepra will lead the customer to achieve the set objectives by assisting him in the certification activities, carried out by third parties, to obtain the necessary certifications to participate in tendering procedure.

Thanks to the Laboratory, CEPRA helps for the execution of the tests required for the main CAM.